About Strategy used in Tradeofy

Minimum 40%-50% return per year. 

It may go upto 70% – 100% return per year.

Risk/drawdown is only 3% – 8%.

Drawdown means continuous maximum loss.

Yes, it is 100% fully automatic. Only 1 time setup is required.

Capital required per lot is 2lakh rupees for 1 lot.

As we do only option selling only, it requires more margin money.

Yes it is backtested for last 2 year

For the last 2 year it has not given any loss month.

it gave loss in a day, but in a month it was always profitable.

But after considering slipage and any extra ordinary happens – I assume maximum loss for month to be only 5 %.

Sharpe ratio means how much maximum profit we get by taking minimum risk.

Its Sharpe ratio is greater than 6. which is very good number.

Backtesting report

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